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Armas Valste - Club Introduction

Social Counsellor Armas Valste (Wahlstedt) (1905-1991) is one of the most influential Finnish persons in Athletics . At first he became a top Athlete, with all together 11 Finnish Championships in High Jump and Shot Put. In 1928 - in the Amsterdam Olympics - he placed 5th in the Shot Put. Armas Valste became influental when he started as a Coach for the Finnish Athletics Federation 1930-35, as Head Coach 1935-1960 and then as Chief of Education and Executive Director until 1967.

Valste was the Secretary General for the European Championships in Helsinki in 1971 (1968-70), but he was taken ill and had to withdraw on pension in 1971. He still participated as a member of the Council of the EAA 1970-79. He received the Finnish Golden Revenue Cors in 1964 and in 1976 the President of Finland nominated him the honorary Social Counsellor´s title. Armas Valste published - among a lot more - 20 training-guides in Athletics, wrote a lot about Athletics in different publications and news media and influenced as a lecturer both Nationally and Internationally.

He renewed and developed most of the basics and systems in the Finnish Athletic Federation. After Armas Valste passed away a Society was founded to preserve and develop his ideas in Athletics: ARMAS VALSTE YLEISURHEILUKLUBI ry (Armas Valste Athletics Club rs)